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How to do abortion at home in VA

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An unplanned pregnancy can bring on a lot of conflicting emotions. For some females, these might include panic, fear, excitement, or a mix of all. Some females are pretty sure that they do not want to continue with the pregnancy as it can bring several negative changes in their life. They are just not in a state to have a baby, maybe because of being unmarried, their young age, professional choices, to do abortion at home in VA

how to do abortion at home in VA

Many females decide on doing an abortion with natural remedies as they do not want to disclose their pregnancy to anyone or just because of financial reasons. But, it is important to know that abortion is a serious medical procedure that should ALWAYS be carried out under professional guidance. Unsupervised abortion at home, even with fruits, herbs, or other natural remedies can result in severe complications including an incomplete abortion. Home remedies for abortion are ineffective at best and can potentially be incredibly risky even if they work. How to do abortion at home in VA

Even if you want to try out such natural remedies for abortion, it is best to speak to a gynecologist first. If you are considering a natural abortion at home with home remedies, you should carefully read the blog ahead and then make a decision. It is important to know exactly what all are the possible outcomes and risks of home remedies of abortion. 

Below are some home remedies to abort pregnancy naturally. 

Home remedies for abortion Naturally

Some foods, herbs and other consumables that can be used as a home remedy for abortion are- 

  • Eat Unripe papaya  
  • Eat Pineapple  
  • Consume Goji Berry  
  • Add parsley in your food
  • Take Vitamin C supplements (consult a doctor first)
  • Add Sesame Seeds to your food
  • Consume Acacia Pods 
  • Consume Banana Leave
  • Take Evening Primrose Oil Supplements
  • Consume Mugwort Leaves
  • Consume Cotton Root Bark 
  • Drink Chamomile Tea  
  • Drink Cinnamon tea or add cinnamon to your food

Other activities that may abort pregnancy naturally are mentioned below. These activities if done moderately are relatively safe but if done in excess or vigorously, can cause abortion. Abortion in such a way is highly unsafe for a female as it can lead to severe to life-threatening risks and complications. 

  • Having acupuncture
  • Taking aspirin
  • Having sexual intercourse 
  • Taking long hot water showers
  • Belly or abdomen massage
  • Doing high-intensity exercises

Are Home Remedies Effective in Abortion?

Most of the home remedies for abortion are not backed with scientific evidence and are just based on personal experiences or traditional uses. They may have worked for some females to do abortions at home, but it is not sure if they always work for all. These remedies use herbs and natural ingredients which have the efficacy to trigger an abortion. However, their safety and effectiveness remain largely under debate, as some of the herbal methods have life-threatening risks.

Risks of doing abortions with home remedies 

Home abortions, including those carried out with herbs have high risks and potentially life-threatening complications. These home remedies may be helpful for some but an untold number of females have also died or faced severe, permanent complications as a result of unsafe abortions at home.

According to the World Health Organization, nearly 50,000 females die every year from unsafe abortions, including abortions done with home remedies. About 1 in 4 females who have an unsafe abortion with home remedies are left with serious health problems that require ongoing medical care.

  • Home-abortions can result in incomplete abortion 

An incomplete abortion is an abortion that did not completely work. This means that some products of the pregnancy tissues still remain in the female’s body (uterus). So she will need medical treatment in order to complete the abortion. If left untreated, an incomplete abortion can cause heavy bleeding and life-threatening infections.

  • Abortion with home remedies may cause toxicity 

Using home remedies, herbs or other ways for abortion can have serious consequences. Even natural remedies with fruits or herbs can be toxic, especially when consumed in large amounts.

If a female eats toxic amounts of anything, her liver comes under pressure to filter out the toxins from her body. In severe cases, this can result in liver damage or failure.

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