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Refund Policy is inspired to let you have hassle-free services, so all refund terms and conditions are listed below.

  • No refund will be given after once the payment you made.
  • If the order is delivered to the incorrect shipping address provided by the customer, your refund request will be rejected. As a result, all customers are required to include the right delivery address when placing their order.
  • When you’re using Overnight Shipping and your order has been shipped, it cannot be canceled or agreed to refund because the order is normally shipped within 30 minutes.
  •  As we are a medical pharmacy, we do not accept pill returns because we are unable to ensure the authenticity of the provided medicines. Thank you for trusting us.
  • An order once processed, shall not be refunded. Through hassle-free shipping procedures and policies, we wish to pave way for a long-lasting customer relationship.